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What preparation does Lesley do with the couple before the wedding?
It is Lesley’s pleasure to meet with the couple together and both separately in ensure complete satisfaction with ceremony details and delivery.  Lesley will also attend your wedding rehearsal if given proper notice.
Does Lesley's services include wedding event planning?
Although Lesley would love to help plan the specific’s of your special day…Lesley does not participate in the planning of your wedding event. Although, Lesley can personally can recommend professional’s in this field that may be beneficial to your event planning.
Does Lesley require payment for service's prior to my wedding?
Lesley like all business owner’s, need’s to secure her business. This is why Lesley only requires  50% of payment prior to your event and will finish remainder of payment 24 hour’s prior to your event. Lesley is open to negotiation of payment dates but WILL NOT perform ceremony if payment is not complete prior to event.
Does Lesley work with my venue to ensure smooth execution of my ceremony?
Lesley will take the time to get familiar with your venue and contact them to ensure smooth execution of your event. Lesley is a private officiant and is not affiliated with your venue.